The Hunger Games broke a bunch of records with its stellar $155 million box office haul over the weekend.  It also opened in about 67 foreign markets making another $59.3 million.  I think this film will play for a while because some folks I spoke with were excited to see it and didn't want to deal with the crowd on opening weekend and have plans to see it during the week or next weekend.

Here are some of the records that broke (figures from boxofficemojo.com)

Top Midnight debut for a non-sequel - $19.74 million (7th all-time best)

Best Opening Day for a non-sequel - $68.25 million (5th all-time best)

Highest Weekend Debut for a non-sequel - $155 million (3rd all-time best)

Audience breakdown- 61% women and 56% of all attendees were over 25.  Just an FYI- 80% of Breaking Dawn's opening weekend audience were women.  So The Hunger Games played more to both genders.  And the folks at Fandango said that on opening day they were selling 17 tickets per second on the site.

This is clearly the highest grossing movie with a female lead ever made.  May this be the beginning of a great trend.

Did you see the movie this weekend?  Please share your thoughts.

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