"First Comes Love"
"First Comes Love"

Nina Davenport received her B.A. in Visual Studies from Harvard. She has directed several documentaries Hello Photo, Always a Bridesmaid, Parallel Lines and Operation FilmmakerFirst Comes Love is an HBO Documentary.

Davenport: An autobiographical film about my decision to have a baby on my own.

Davenport: I always appear as a character in my films, to one degree or another.  In this film, I push the boundaries of honesty and self-exposure further than ever--including showing myself giving birth!

Davenport: I had made a film in 2000 called Always a Bridesmaid--about being a wedding videographer and wishing I were getting married myself--and this seemed like a perfect sequel.  I thought to myself, I could I not make this film?!

Davenport: I think the issue is not only about basic gender discrimination--namely, the false notion that men are somehow more capable than women--but also that the male sensibility tends to dominate the landscape.  And that's probably simply because there are more men in powerful positions, they like male-centric stuff, they choose it for festivals, etc. and then it has a trickle-down effect.  But I don't know for sure, it's simply conjecture.