Shepard and Dark

Treva Wurmfeld directed the documentary short Oyster and documentary feature Texas Heart.

Wurmfeld: Shepard & Dark is a portrait of the complex relationship between playwright/actor Sam Shepard and his close friend Johnny Dark as they prepare forty years of their correspondence for publication, stirring up old memories both good and bad.

Wurmfeld: Shepard & Dark is intensely honest. The subjects are writers who possess, and shared with me, a level of self-insight that I had never witnessed before.

Wurmfeld: I am endlessly intrigued by the creative process and when the opportunity presented itself to look behind the scenes of one of America's foremost playwrights - I had to go for it.

Wurmfeld: It will likely take women rising from the independent scene and having to go greater lengths to prove themselves - just like most other industries. I believe it is critical for women to support women. Amy Hobby, the producer of Shepard & Dark, has teamed up with Anne Hubbell to create Tangerine Entertainment, an audacious new company that seeks to produce and co-finance critically acclaimed films with a rigorous focus on female directors and exceptional roles for women. This is a perfect example of how we can raise the numbers!