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As the sun sets on her series 30 Rock starting next week with a slew of special guests including Amy Sedaris and Catherine O’Hara, Tina Fey takes a look back at the show and her movie career in an interview to be published tomorrow by EW. 

She gave a glimpse of the final season and the show will take on the perennial question - are women funny? EW doesn't want to give away how the issue gets resolved but it looks like another winner "suffice it to say that the resolution involves Lemon dressed in a lab coat and declaring, “Don’t thank me — thank Roe v. Wade!”

While we will miss 30 Rock, Tina will remain in the TV business having just signed a four year deal with Universal Television. This deal includes Fey developing new projects including the option of another starring vehicle for her.

Tina Fey Inks Four-Year Overall Deal with Universal Television (The Hollywood Reporter)

This Week's Cover: Tina Fey on her career in comedy and saying goodbye to '30 Rock' (EW)