"Very Good Girls"
"Very Good Girls"

Following on the heels of Elizabeth Olsen's Godzilla and Dakota Fanning's Night Moves is the directorial debut of veteran screenwriter Naomi Foner.

Very Good Girls, also penned by Foner, stars the two young actresses as best friends in the summer lull between high school and college. "We're going to college, and we're still virgins," moans Lily (Fanning). "We got to get over this hump," agrees Gerry (Olsen).

Faster than you can say "The To Do List," Lily sleeps an artist named David (Boyd Holbrook), then (understandably) gets upset when he and Gerry become close friends. 

"I didn't ask you to sleep with her," Lily tells David in the most memorable (and stinging) line of the trailer. 

Whether Lily and Gerry can stay friends is an answer only the rest of the film can answer. 

Very Good Girls will available on iTunes on June 24 and opens in theaters July 25.