'It Felt Like Love'
'It Felt Like Love'

Girls and women begin their sexual lives in as many ways as there are girls and women, so any filmic depiction of burgeoning female sexuality that doesn't take place in a softly lit upper-middle-class bedroom is entirely welcome. 

Eliza Hittman's It Felt Like Love follows working-class Brooklynite Lila (Gia Piersanti), a 14-year-old who's tired of being the third wheel to her sexually experienced friend Chiara and her boyfriend. Wanting a taste of adulthood herself, Lila pursues an older boy she meets at the beach.

Afterward, Chiara asks, "Did he do something?" "I don't know, it's kind of a blur," Lila responds. "Did you sleep with him? Is he your boyfriend?" Chiara persists. "No, but it's kind of better than a boyfriend, you know?" Lila answers knowingly, mysteriously, maybe self-delusionally. It's that confusion and ambiguity that give this Sundance selection its emotional power and moody atmospherics. 

Hittman's coming-of-age drama will open on March 21. 

Watch the It Felt Like Love trailer below: