Still from "Hateship Loveship"
Still from "Hateship Loveship"

Kristen Wiig helped launch the female buddy comedy with Bridesmaids, but the former SNL star has been skewing toward dramatic roles since her breakout hit. 

Wiig has already received great notices for her performance in the domestic dramedy Hateship Loveship, Liza Johnson's adaptation of an Alice Munro short story. Wiig's sheltered nanny finds herself tricked by her older ward (Hailee Steinfeld) into falling in love with the children's drug-addict father (Guy Pearce). 

Johnson previously directed another TV actress, Linda Cardellini, in 2011's Return, a portrait of a female soldier returning home after a tour of duty in the Middle East. 

Hateship Loveship will open on April 11. 

Watch the trailer below: