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Feminist Ryan Gosling Call Me Maybe : Several PhD students at PSU's School of Social Work are big fans of the brilliant and hilarious blog "Feminist Ryan Gosling" ( So we recruited some other students, as well as faculty and staff, to make our tribute to it as Portland State University's entry into the "Call Me Maybe" craze. Featuring the on-screen and off-screen talents of the following members of the School of Social Work family at Portland State University: Ben Anderson-Nathe, Jeff Baker, Abby Bandurraga, Stephanie Brockett, Katie Cagle, Gregory Cunningham, Joshua Cunningham, Merrit Cunningham, Miranda Cunningham, Joseph Nicholas DeFilippis, Thuan Duong, Carrie Furrer, Erika Gitchell, Charlotte Goodluck, Allyn Latorre, Sandy Leotti, Analucía אנה Lopezrevoredo, Isaac Merrill, Keva Miller, Laura Nissen, Mary Oschwald, Meg Panichelli, Nocona Pewewardy, Del Quest, Alma M. Ouanesisouk Trinidad, Wyatt Vegan, and Nick Winges-Yanez And hey girls, we hope you enjoy it.

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