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Rape Joke Supercut : The Women's Media Center announces the release of a new Web video, "Rape Joke Supercut: I can't believe you clapped for that" created by Video Content manager Elisa Kresinger of Pop Culture Pirate, Fem 2.0 (a project of Turner Strategies), and Women In Media & News. The video examines the ubiquity of "rape comedy" in American culture, in response to controversy over comedian Daniel Tosh's onstage "joke" to a comedy club audience member that it would be "funny" if she "got raped by, like, 5 guys, right now." President of the Women's Media Center Julie Burton had this to say: "If free speech permits a comedian to suggest a woman in his audience should be gang-raped, then it certainly permits us to object, and to ask what message this sends to survivors or to perpetrators...Tosh's comment was just one extreme example of pop culture's dismissive treatment of sexualized violence, which desensitizes audiences to enormous human suffering. Internet outcry is encouraging, but popular media needs to push back too."

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