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Sole Survivor trailer : SOLE SURVIVOR profiles four people who were the only survivors of commercial plane crashes. Having suffered through the physical trauma of a deadly crash and the emotional impact of losing family members, these survivors have rarely shared their stories. Eschewing sensationalism, SOLE SURVIVOR provides them with a platform to try to make sense of what it meant for them to survive when so many others perished. The film follows George Lamson, sole survivor of the Galaxy Flight 203, as he seeks to connect with the 13 other survivors of commercial aviation disasters, including Cecilia Cichan, Bahia Bakari and Jim Polehinke. SOLE SURVIVOR underscores the realities of the survivors' experiences and explores the impact of sensationalism on their healing. It also exposes deep flaws in the American transportation safety system with a comprehensive exploration of copilot Jim Polehinke's experience of being blamed for the crash of Comair Flight 5191 in 2006.

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