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Sweet Dreams : “Sweet Dreams” stars a group of stalwart Rwandese women who discover the power of drumming and ice cream. Ingoma Nshya ("New Kingdom") is the name of Rwanda’s first and only all-female drumming group. The troupe is made up of women from all ages and from both the Hutu and Tutsi tribes. In 1994 the genocidal conflict that erupted between the Hutu and Tutsi people took the life of nearly one million people. In interviews with the women, it is clear that the drumming group is a vital way to build trust and reestablish a sense of community. Infectious anthems accompany the thunderous drumming, making the perfect soundtrack for a newly empowered Rwanda. "In a country full of pain and grief, I chose to bring life, and I chose to bring joy," says Kiki Katese, the group’s founder. Despite being a country of milk and honey, Rwandans have never tasted ice cream and the women are convinced this sweet cool treat has the power to soothe their village. With the help of two ice-cream shop owners from New York, Kiki and the drummers decide to start a co-op and open Rwanda's first ice-cream store. The venture has its share of financial problems and mechanical breakdowns, but continues to build solidarity and sisterhood between the women. At first glance it’s not obvious that drumming and ice cream would prove to be such an effective recipe for healing a nation. But the sweet dream is simple; to seek happiness in living, one drumbeat and one ice cream scoop at a time.

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