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What the Fuck is Cancer and Why Does Everybody Have It? trailer : ~ "Provocative and pioneering." -Los Angeles Confidential "A film everyone should see." -Lolita Lopez Breast Cancer Survivor & NBC News Reporter for Mamiverse & Mom's LA. "Nothing even close to this exists...This should be everywhere." --Vinnie Tortorich, America's Angriest Trainer, Radio Show Host, Author, Cancer Survivor "This is the film I wanted to see when I was diagnosed with cancer." --Allison W. Gryphon CLICK BELOW TO ORDER NOW. On April 10, 2011, Allison W. Gryphon found a lump in her breast. On April 13th, she was diagnosed with stage IIIa breast cancer. Allison's immediate instinct was to pick up a camera and start asking questions. Not only for herself, but for all of us. For many, cancer is a cell under a microscope. For others, it is a symbolic ribbon, a local fundraiser or a jar calling for help in the checkout line at the grocery store. Cancer is something different to each individual going through it. It's all relevant. It's all important. Cancer is about science, study and the practice of medicine, and most importantly, cancer is about people. What the F@#- is Cancer and Why Does Everybody Have it? is about understanding and celebrating those people. It's about really hearing their voices and being invited to share those experiences in a way that will allow the viewer to walk away with inspiration, questions, knowledge and hopefully a desire to understand more and make things happen. What the F@#- is Cancer and Why Does Everybody Have It? will be released in 50 territories around the world, exclusively on iTunes, January 7th 2014. Pre-Sales begin December 3rd. In addition, the invaluable information in the almost 200 hours of footage shot is being crafted into The What? Series which will be release on The Why? Foundation website. To learn more visit

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