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Watch: Laverne Cox Talks About the "Transgender Tipping Point"

Women and Hollywood By Inkoo Kang | Women and Hollywood June 13, 2014 at 2:30PM

Cox also shares how her "Orange is the New Black," Sophia Burset, has changed lives.
Laverne Cox
Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox isn't as much on the new season of Orange is the New Black as some (including myself) would like, but fortunately she's everywhere else these days. 

Two weeks ago, Cox became the first openly transgender person to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine. As arguably the most visible trans activist in the media, Cox came back to Katie Couric's talk show to discuss the "transgender tipping point" and advance the discourse about the long-neglected T in LGBT. 

As you might remember, Cox's initial appearance on Katie didn't go so well, ending with Cox public chastisement of Couric for rudely asking about her transgender guests' genitals. Couric admits here that she was was wrong to do so, and Cox publicly forgives her: "It's only a mistake if you make it twice."

In this zippy but revealing episode, Cox opens up about her past (including a suicide attempt), discusses trans progess, and shares how social media and her OITNB character, Sophia Burset, have exponentially increased awareness about what being transgender means. 

[via Queerty]

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