Looks like we will have a Meryl Streep film in Oscar contention this year. At Cannes, the Weinstein Co. has secured the US rights for the film.

Film is written by Abi Morgan and directed by Phyllida Lloyd.

Here's what Harvey had to say about the film.

"Having worked with both Meryl Streep and Jim Broadbent, I know that they are without peer as film actors," Harvey Weinstein said. "Even so, I was absolutely blown away by what I saw of their performances as Margaret and Denis Thatcher. Phyllida is doing an incredible job."

This is going to be another interesting year for women. I Imagine that We Need to Talk About Kevin will get picked up with an Oscar campaign for Tilda Swinton in mind. The review of her performance in that film have been spectacular.

Weinsteins nab 'Iron Lady' (Variety)