I just wanted to take a moment and welcome the Women and Hollywood summer interns, Kelcie Mattson and Alice Thorp. Inkoo and I are very excited that they are on board.

Here's a little bit about each of them

Kelcie Mattson is a graduate from Stephens College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Filmmaking, emphasis screenwriting and editing. Born in the tiny town of Fayette, Missouri, and raised on Star Trek, Spielberg, Scorcese, and Disney, she's spent the last four years writing, directing, and producing a variety of projects both inside and outside of class. Currently residing in Columbia, Missouri, Kelcie works as a part-time video editor for the Newsy company, as well as a Production Assistant for the local ABC17 and FOX22 news networks. On weekends, her favorite pastimes are spending too much time on Netflix and dreaming up fictional adventures. 

Alice Thorpe is a British graduate student currently studying at the University of Cambridge. She recently completed her master’s degree there in Screen Media & Cultures, and will be continuing at Cambridge as a PhD student specialising in classical Hollywood cinema. She spends as much time debating the current state of the film industry as she does researching the days of Hollywood past, and this year has been part of the team behind Watersprite, the Cambridge International Student Film Festival, which provides a vital platform for the work of young filmmakers the world over. A dedicated feminist and film lover with an interest in a wide range of international cinemas, she hopes to contribute a particular insight into the work of women in British, and European, film culture to Women and Hollywood.

A big shout out to Laura Berger who is taking the summer off.