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What Does Women and Hollywood Mean To You?

by Melissa Silverstein
October 7, 2013 12:00 PM
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I wanted to share with you the news that I am going to be one of this year's recipients of the Susan B. Anthony award this Wednesday night from the NYC chapter of the National Organization for Women.  It's a true honor and is quite humbling because I am able to do something that I love that actually makes a difference.  

I am the lucky one because I get to write and edit this blog, and program the Athena Film Festival and that I get to talk to so many of you about these issues that I am so passionate about.

As I put together my remarks for this week I would love to have some thoughts and comments from you, the people who read this site, to share with the audience.

So I am asking: what does Women and Hollywood mean to you?  You can leave your thoughts in the comments or email them to me at

Thanks so much.  I really appreciate it. 

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  • Maria | October 8, 2013 9:58 PMReply

    When I directed my first feature film in Barcelona, I remember many long nights at 3 a.m. working away on the endless emails, overwhelmed, exhausted, and I would find a moment to check on this blog, read a paragraph or two about all of those inspiring women (directors, writers, producers, actresses) who helped pave this path before me. Because I often felt like a very small person, off on my own to command this huge ship, but Women and Hollywood was a daily reminder than I am not alone.

  • Janet | October 8, 2013 11:02 AMReply

    "In a world... where women directors are largely ignored... where you're hired to write a Lifetime movie or a rom-com, or not hired at all... one columnist reports on the progress of women in a male dominated industry. One blogger stood up in the wilderness... Women and Hollywood!"

    Congratulations and THANK YOU!

  • Virginia | October 8, 2013 9:15 AMReply

    Congratulations. You so deserve the honor. What you are doing here is valuable because it focuses on the important issue of women's control of and representation in the media.

  • Esther | October 8, 2013 8:05 AMReply

    Art should reflect the wide and wonderful world we live in. Women in Hollywood means I have greater knowledge of people a range of people telling great stories, and people who are geared towards telling complex stories about people like me and people I might never have known.

    Women In Hollywood give me hope that one day I can read a Hollywood blog and no gender qualifier will be required.

  • Shannon | October 7, 2013 4:30 PMReply

    Women and Hollywood is a champion: for female writers, directors, and film goers. I appreciate how you call out the harmful bullshit and work to increase the visibility of female artists. As a female screenwriter, I'm thankful to have journalists like you working to shepherd in a new phase Hollywood where women have a fighting chance.

  • S. Kessie | October 7, 2013 3:31 PMReply

    Women and Hollywood to me is like that mum who constantly provides encouragement and reminds you not to give up hope in the journey to become a storyteller and filmmaker. To have a place to read about other female filmmakers who do not allow the idea of filmmaking being a 'boys only club' hold them back, drives me to work my behind off, follow my instincts, and have a belief in myself, because they show and PROVE that it IS possible.

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