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Why Young Women Are the Hottest Box Office Demographic

Women and Hollywood By Melissa Silverstein | Women and Hollywood June 9, 2014 at 1:03PM

How "The Fault in Our Stars" made $48 million in its opening weekend on a $12 million production budget with minimal traditional advertising.
Fan Art by iamtrebla at Deviant Art
Fan Art by iamtrebla at Deviant Art

From my latest Forbes post on Hollywood's curious negligence of young women as a box-office demographic: 

This weekend proves that women are actually a more reliable audience [than young men]. As I wrote on Friday, the weekend started off really well for [The Fault in Our Stars] when it made over $8 million at Thursday night screenings. Even the optimistic box office prognosticators had it coming in at around $35 million, but Friday caused incredible optimism that it would go over $50 million. The most incredible statistic coming out of the weekend is that the audience was 82% women -- 80% of those women were under 25. Compare that with the 55% under 25-year-old women who attended Twilight. Not only did young women go and see this movie in droves, they left their guy friends behind and they made it a huge hit. (It only cost $12 million to make.) And the movie became a success due to word of mouth, not tons of advertising. The Hollywood Reporter talks about how Fox rolled out the film using the huge social media presence of the book's author John Green.

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