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Women's Films Opening - June 15, 2012

by Melissa Silverstein
June 15, 2012 12:30 PM
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Your Sister's Sister
Your Sister's Sister

I saw Your Sister's Sister back at the Toronto Film Festival in September.  I really liked it. I highy recommend it.  The film is the story of sisters Iris and Hannah played by Emily Blunt and Rosemary DeWitt respectively and Jack, the male best friend of Iris played by Marc Duplass. Jack is a mess, his brother who had dated Iris has been dead for a year and he still cannot pull himself out of his grief. Iris stages an intervention and sends him to her father's cabin outside Seattle not knowing that her sister is there having just left her girlfriend of 7 years.

Jack and Hannah have never met before but of course have heard a lot about each other from Iris. Both are really sad and lonely. After a night of a lot of tequila, sister and sister's best friend wind up in bed together, Iris shows up the next day and then everything takes off from there. There are many hurt feelings, some seriously fucked up subterfuge, but mostly it's just a bunch of people struggling to find their way in the world.


The thing that I love about Shelton is that she doesn't give her actors completed scripts.  There is a lot of improvisation in her films. It might not work for all directors but it sure works for Shelton. The actors create the movie with her and this effort is a stronger film than Humpday. I just like how comfortable everyone feels in her films. That comfort spreads to the audience making you feel that you are just eavesdropping on a weekend with friends.  

Marina Abramović The Artist is Present

Marina Abramović prepares for a major retrospective of her work at The Museum of Modern Art in New York hoping to finally silence four decades of skeptics who proclaim: 'But why is this art?' [Synopsis courtesy of Sundance]

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